Backing Bush

I have been amazed throughout this election campaign at the pro-George Bush puff pieces you've run as news. Nikki Finke's article struck a new low ("Can Backing Bush Hurt a Celebrity?" Oct. 17).

The lengthy article went on about the alleged fear of Hollywood celebrities to declare their pro-Bush sympathies.

The evidence? Statements from a Bush campaign official. Corroborating evidence? None.

A major quote in the article from the extreme right magazine the National Review talks about "liberal sharks" in Hollywood and the percentage of liberals who form the Hollywood Establishment.

It's bad enough that the Bush campaign feels obligated to attack an organization like the ACLU, which protects First Amendment rights and "liberals," the people who provide a social conscience for our nation.

It's dangerous--it's really a fascist tactic--to try to make people of conscience appear less than worthy of respect.

The real question now is what is the agenda of the Los Angeles Times? Why was a cheap-shot article like this published?


Los Angeles

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