Films now going into production: ...

<i> Compiled by David Pecchia </i>

Films now going into production: The Artisan (Soehnlein/Borman). Shooting in Munich, Austria and Hungary. Klaus Maria Brandauer stars with Brian Dennehy and makes his directorial debut in this drama based on true events. Brandauer portrays a man seeking to assassinate Adolf Hitler, and Dennehy is a German chief of police who haunts him. Producers Moritz Borman and Rainer Soehnlein. Screenwriter Stephen Sheppard. Also stars Rebecca Miller.

Black Rain (Paramount). Shooting in Japan and NYC. Michael Douglas stars in an international thriller that follows a NYC police detective deep into the Japanese underworld. Producers Stanley Jaffe, Sherry Lansing and Douglas. Director Ridley Scott. Screenwriters Craig Bolotin and Warren Lewis. Also stars Ken Takakura, Andy Garcia and Yusaku Matsuda. Summer release.

Courage Mountain (tentative title) (JAD/Stone Group-France). Shooting in Austria. Charlie Sheen and Leslie Caron topline this coming-of-age story of a band of youths, displaced by the war, who must cross the Alps. Producer Stephen Ujlaki. Director Chris Leitch. Screenwriters Robin Swicord, Julie Brown, Fred Brogger and Mark Brogger. Also stars Yorgo Voyages, Jan Rubes and Juliette Caton.

Frat House (Starfire). Shooting in L.A. Comedy and horrificness abound as this one attempts to merge “Animal House” with “Friday the 13th.” Producer Max Goldstein. Director/screenwriter Dominick Brascia. Stars Brascia and Gary Hays. Distributor Image.


Gate II (Alliance). Shooting in Toronto. Terry, the tormented teen of this sequel’s predecessor, returns to thwart the vicious demons that are unleashed yet again on our innocent little planet. Producer Andras Hamori. Director Tibor Takacs. Screenwriter Michael Nankin. Stars Louis Tripp, Pamela Segall, James Villemaire and Simon Reynolds. Fall release.

Great Balls of Fire (Adam Fields). Shooting in Memphis and London. Dennis Quaid stars as Jerry Lee Lewis in the life story of the rocker. Producer Adam Fields. Director Jim McBride. Screenwriters McBride and Jack Baran. Also stars Winona Ryder. Distributor Orion.