Disputes 'Good Life' in Beverly Hills

"Coyotes Sample the Good Life in Beverly Hills"? (Times, Oct. 16.)

It depends on whether or not one has been on the streets of Beverly Hills lately.

Women with large cartoon sunglasses, long red talons driving cars that they cannot parallel park. Nervous men without necks. Nature plays cruel tricks on us all.

The coyotes were here first. As well as squirrels, raccoons, opossums and deer. People have infested the area so thoroughly that it is impossible for an animal to get a glass of water, much less a cheeseburger.

The problem certainly can't be that innocent kitties are being killed. I don't see anyone running around the pound in a Christian Dior robe with a golf club, batting at those people.

Heaven forbid that some people have "sighted" a dog. I've yet to hear of anyone going blind from this. As nature has it, animals do kill to survive. Amazingly enough, they don't kill more than they can eat nor do they kill for sport (unlike some people I know).

I live in a canyon with my five cats. They come in at night. I see coyotes. I'm also fortunate to have a doe and her babies come down every few days--yeah, I also feed those rabid, ferocious squirrels.

Perhaps some folks in Beverly Hills should reexamine their closets to make sure the coyotes have not returned to retrieve their relatives' hides.


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