Proposition 98: School Funding

Do you really believe that if we vote against Proposition 98 we can then count on the governor and Legislature to eliminate the restrictions of the Gann initiative, allowing us all to go happily forward together?

You say, "The political and business leaders of the state cannot afford to delay any longer the developing of a remedy." If you believe that statement will spur action, I'll be happy to sell you a lotto ticket guaranteed to win.

I don't share your fear for the University of California. In your words, "The University of California itself projects a need. . . ." In my 30 years in California, 20 as a community college instructor, I've observed that UC always is projecting needs and Sacramento always is satisfying them, no matter who's governor or who's in the Legislature.

The UC system is the fattest and richest educational entity in the state; it always has been, and I imagine it always will be. I think it's time we poor relations begin to take care of ourselves by voting for Proposition 98.


El Cajon

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