Donahue's Problem Could Be That He Just Isn't Worried Enough

To the casual observer, it might seem that Terry Donahue is pacing the sideline, looking for an excuse to lose, but you have to give the man credit for knowing something about the Catch-22 of coaching:

You recruit the best athletes in the country, the ones accustomed to excelling and winning, and then you try to convince them that there are more ways to lose a football game than they can imagine.

You try to tell them that this distressing habit of opening big leads and then cruising is a prescription for disaster, and they say, "But coach, we're the best . . . doesn't it say that right here in the polls?"

You'd think that the same group that blew the entire '87 season in one half against USC, after being up, 13-0, would have longer memories than that.


La Crescenta

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