Bob Gibson Lived Up to His Name in Series

Jim Murray's point is well taken in his column, "Toughest Out Never Came to the Plate" (Oct. 27). Superstar pitchers have not fared that well in World Series play. Fine.

But when he claims that Sandy Koufax "probably pitched up to his potential in a Series better than almost any other superstar," he should have underscored probably and almost because he made no mention of the man from Omaha, Neb.

That's right. Bob Gibson.

To omit Gibson is another sign that Murray suffers from Dodgeritis, characterized by overzealous interpretations of Dodger feats. Gibson only won 7 straight World Series games. A record. With a 7-2 overall record, he is only 3 victories behind Whitey Ford on the all-time win list. And Ford pitched in 8 more classics. But then again, Gibson pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals, a major contributor to Dodgerphobia.


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