Halloween in Hollywood

I am a resident of West Los Angeles who was visiting friends in Hollywood on Halloween night. After dinner we decided to wander down to the boulevard to see the city’s legendary exhibitionists on their night--Halloween. Instead we found frustrated crowds wedged onto the sidewalks while overly stern Los Angeles Police Department officers patrolled the empty street warning all who stepped off the curb that they would be ticketed. With each interchange the crowd became more frustrated, the atmosphere more tense. No wonder violence erupted (Metro, Nov. 2).

Even I, Mr. Joe Citizen, found myself getting uncontrollably angry at these events.

I strongly recommend, as has been suggested, that in the future an organized event be planned for Hollywood Boulevard on such holidays. Shop owners and the city would be spared the horrible costs--both financial and emotional--of the violence and looting that occurred this year.

Street Scene events if properly organized, well-staffed and patrolled, can be safe, fun forums to reduce tensions in a city rather than create it. Witness the recent victory parades for the Dodgers and Lakers.



Los Angeles