Life’s Big Moments: A First Date, a Broken Nose, a $1 Lobster

Misty, water-colored memories, of the way we were. . . .

As the holiday season is just around the corner, bringing with it memories of days and times and people gone by, Hot Topics asks: “What is your most treasured memory?”

“Visiting Washington, D.C.; I will never forget the sights, smells and sounds of that grand Lady Liberty.”

Stephanie Lowry, 16,


senior, Bethel Baptist

“When I went on my first date. . . . I was so nervous, and so was he. The date went terribly, but I’ll never forget that night.”

Julie Fuscardo, 16,

junior, Brea-Olinda


“When I was doing the long jump in P.E. and fell flat on my face.”

Kristina Castaneda, 14,

freshman, Brea-Olinda

“Eighth-grade graduation; it was the last time I would see my friends, as I was going to a different high school.”

Naazneen Somji, 15,

sophomore, Brea-Olinda

“When I hit a grand slam in a championship baseball game.”

Jeff Rosales, 14,


freshman, Capistrano Valley

“When I made the 1984 Jesse Owens Olympic Games in synchronized swimming.”

Chania Javier, 16,

junior, Capistrano Valley

“The feeling of making the color guard team. It was wonderful, and that special feeling’s going to stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Cherie Crenshaw, 16,

junior, Cypress

“When I was hit by a car in the seventh grade. I received $15,000 in compensation. I had a broken collarbone for 6 weeks, but it was all worth it.”


David Jacobs, 17,

senior, El Modena

“When my grandmother made it through brain surgery without any complications.”

Jennifer Fleming, 15,

sophomore, El Modena

“When I received a rare Paul McCartney autograph, signed personally, through the mail. He doesn’t usually sign autographs, and it was very special to me.”

Ed Siebert, 16,

junior, El Modena

“The first time I ever kissed my girlfriend.”

Peter Rowell, 16,

junior, Esperanza

“The perfect game I pitched in Little League.”

Jeff Bowman, 15,

sophomore, Esperanza

“Seeing my grandmother come to America to visit me after 10 years of separation.”

Howard Song, 18,

senior, Laguna Hills

“New Year’s Eve, 1988. I was able to spend the evening with a person I really care about. We had a wonderful dinner and attended a private party afterwards. It was just a perfect evening.”

Jennifer Yoo, 17,

senior, Lutheran

“Living in Maine as a young child when we could dive in the leaves in the autumn, get buried in snow in the winter, pick berries and splash in the warm rain and buy live lobster for $1 apiece.”

Alissa Theis, 17,

senior, Lutheran

“The night of my 16th birthday. I received a brand new car from my parents, which was not expected.”

Heather Gallegos, 17,

senior, Lutheran

“When we danced for the Pope, the special camaraderie of practicing with the other girls and the joy of seeing the Pope is a memory I’ll never forget.”

Carla Cichocki, 17,

senior, Mater Dei

“When I moved next door to my best friend Jim.”

Felicia Hill, 17,

senior, Mater Dei

“When I became a Christian.”

Brandi Cumin, 16,

junior, San Clemente

“My family life before my parents were divorced.”

Carrie Stearns, 17,

senior, San Clemente

“My first day in a public high school.”

Laura Humphrey, 17,

senior, Santa Ana

“The first time I stood up on a surfboard when I was 10. I wanted to make my dad happy because I was always out there trying something new and I was being the son he never had by doing these things that only boys could do.”

Donna Barth, 17,

senior, Savanna

“The day I moved to my dad’s house from my mom’s was memorable.”

Barrett Marson, 17,

senior, Valencia

“Watching my little brother Johnny being born.”

Andrea Jensen, 16,

junior, Villa Park

“Sitting on the couch with a cast on my nose when my sister brought over her boyfriend’s best friend to set me up on a date with him.”

Denise Iger, 17,

senior, Villa Park

“The time I first came to the United States. It was terrible on the boat coming over. We didn’t have enough to eat and drink. Then, a very big boat brought my family and I to the United States.”

Linh Vo, 16,

sophomore, Western

“The day my boyfriend, Steve Cole, asked me to marry him last Easter.”

Patti Halstead, 17,

senior, Western

Next Week’s Hot Topic: For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

Hot Topic responses gathered by Eric Billigmeier, Angela Conner, John Coxford, Kristen DeBruyn, Rachel De Velder, Tanya Diaz, John Doney, Roxanne Dyrud, Stephanie Jeffers, Lynda Kim, Kyra Kirkwood, Joo Young Lee, Stephan Lee, Heather Orey, Hai Pham, Gabriel Saldivar, Cindy Shaver, Kim Snow, Jana Swail and Thoy Yann.