Ray Cave Resigns From Post at Time Magazine

Ray Cave is resigning as editorial director of Time Inc. after 30 years with the magazine publishing company.

Cave has been editorial director, second-highest editorial position in the company, since April, 1987. The resignation is effective at year-end.

Louis J. Slovinsky, a Time Inc. spokesman, said Cave, 59, resigned after he told Time Editor-in-Chief Jason McManus that he wanted to work vigorously until at least age 65. Cave asked McManus what sort of role he could expect over the next six years and when McManus could not answer in a way that was reassuring to Cave, Cave's resignation was accepted, Slovinsky said.

Cave was a reporter and editor on the Baltimore Evening Sun before coming to Time's Sports Illustrated as a reporter in 1959. He rose to executive editor of the magazine then transferred to Time magazine, where he was managing editor from 1977 to September, 1985. He was made corporate editor of Time Inc., then editorial director.

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