White Has Blown Chance; Coach Should Play Bell

Gene Wojciechowski's column on Greg Bell (Nov. 16) was right on target. What do fathers tell their children, keep your nose clean, keep your mouth shut, work hard and perform your job at the highest level and you will be appreciated? Or, do they tell their children, play with drugs and alcohol, give up the golden opportunity to make a success of your career, but always know that Uncle John will take care of you?

I have nothing against Charles White. He is an outstanding football player, but Greg Bell has had a better year. John Robinson is not giving the proper example to his players or fans by playing White over Bell.

Keep in mind, since White has come back from his 30-day suspension, the Rams' ground game has gone down the tubes. This is not White's fault, only that the team has no designated runner. We all know that to be effective, a running back must carry the ball at least 20 times. It could be that 20th time that goes for 40-plus yards.

Come on John Robinson, stop with your father-figure relationship with Charles White, he has had his chances. Give Ram fans the one back that has performed well all year--Greg Bell.

Thanks for your comments, Gene!

MICHAEL L. THOMAS, Huntington Beach

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