Underage Gambler Denied Plea, Can’t Collect $1.1-Million Jackpot

Associated Press

A 19-year-old man who hit a $1.1-million jackpot on a slot machine at Caesars Palace can’t keep the money because he wasn’t old enough to gamble legally, a state agency ruled Wednesday.

Kirk Erickson, of Royal, Ark., won the money Aug. 5, but the jackpot was denied because he was not at least 21.

Erickson appealed to the state Gaming Control Board, which upheld the decision.


“It would be an unreasonable, if not absurd, result to construe the statute to prohibit a person under 21 years of age . . . from placing wagers on other games and slot machines, but not to prohibit this same person from collecting winnings,” the board said.

The decision has no effect on the $21-million lawsuit Erickson’s family has filed against the resort seeking both the jackpot and damages.