“The Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters"--The little critters are at Rankin-Bass Prods., being developed for animation.

“American Flagg"--His name is Ruben Flagg (he’s Jewish); he’s a member of the futuristic law-enforcement squad, the Plexus Rangers. Now being developed by producer Larry Gordon (“48 HRS,” “Predator”).

“Ant Man"--New World Pictures (which owns most Marvel Comics properties) has it; the hero can communicate with ants--and shrink to their size.

“Annie II"--This one’s been on-off-on for some time. But the folks at Ray Stark Productions insist the spunky little redhead will be back in action, with production beginning next spring.

“Blade"--He hails from the “Tomb of Dracula” comic, where he’s a vampire-hunting supporting character. But New World thinks this black hero has star potential. William Rabkin and Lee Goldberg (they write for TV’s “Murphy’s Law” series) scripted.


“Deathlok"--A teen-ager discovers that his long-dead father has been brought back to life--as a cyborg. At New World.

“Dr. Strange"--The master of the mystic arts is at New World, with script by Bob Gale (“Used Cars,” “Back to the Future”).

“Elektra Assassin"--New World has the deadly beauty; L.M. Kit Carson (“Texas Chainsaw Massacre II,” “Paris, Texas”!) and Jim McBride (writer/director, “The Big Easy”) scripted; McBridge is attached as director.

“The Fantastic Four"--Bernd Eichinger (“The NeverEnding Story”) will produce the saga of the super-heroes team--Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Girl, The Human Torch and The Thing.

“The Green Lantern"--The man with the “power ring” is being developed by producer/action king Joel Silver (“Die Hard,” “Commando”).

“Heroes for Hire"--After being zapped by some green goop, a couple of nice guys suddenly find they’ve got super-powers. So, they rent themselves out . . . Michael Janover (“The Philadelphia Experiment”) scripted for New World.

“Judge Dredd"--You’d better not break the law in Mega City One in the Year 2000. Charles Lippincott is producing; Tim Hunter (“River’s Edge”) is scripting/directing.

“Lone Wolf and Cub"--Ed Pressman (“Wall Street”) is executive producer; Cotty Chubb is producer; plans, at present, are to bring the title characters to the American frontier, from their 16th Century Japanese homeland.

“Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D."--The initials stand for: Supreme Headquarters of International Espionage Law-enforcement Division. But don’t mistake Nick for James Bond; he’s more realistic. If he gets hit by a bullet, he bleeds. Producers are Debra Hill and Lynda Obst (“Adventures in Babysitting”); first-timer Gregory Pruss scripted; Stephen Herek (“Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”) will direct.

“Plastic Man"--Peter Guber and Jon Peters (the new “Batman”) will produce; Joe Dante (“Gremlins”) will direct; it’s about a guy whose body is a lot like elastic.

“Radio Boy"--The little Japanese robot may go animated, via Rankin-Bass Prods.

“Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman"--David Boswell, who writes/draws/created the comic, scripted for producers Matt Weisman and Jeph Loeb III (they wrote “Teen Wolf” and “Commando”). Jim Belushi’s attached.

“Sgt. Rock"--Producer Joel Silver’s got this one. Steven De Souza and David Webb Peoples scripted. It came thisclose to going into production in the summer of ’88. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s still the talked-about star. The thick-accented Arnie as the ultimate Nazi killer? Well, they’ve tampered with the character a bit . . . making him an American of German descent.

“The Shadow"--Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men . . .? Producer Martin Bregman, director Robert Zemeckis and writer Howard Franklin will help provide the answer. (Zemeckis knows his way around tricky effects: he did “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” at Universal.)

“Sub-Mariner"--The son of an American sailor and a princess from Atlantis, Prince Namor is in the swim at New World.

“Tales from the Crypt"--Directors Walter Hill, Robert Zemeckis and Richard Donner are all doing segments of an HBO special (a series pilot); produced by Joel Silver and David Giler.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"--The title tells all (trust us). It’ll be a live-actioner for Golden Harvest. Bobby Herbeck (he’s done episodes of TV’s “Small Wonder”) is scripting. Production next fall.

“Time Beavers"--They’re beavers who watch over The Great Wall of Time (made of all the artifacts of history), which is ever under attack by rats who seek to alter important historical events); Kushner-Locke is developing an animated series.

“V for Vendetta"--In the wake of a world war, one man single-handedly tries to crush a fascist police state. Joel Silver will produce.

“Warp"--About a bank teller who becomes God. This one was a play before it became a comic. Writers Mark Victor and Michael Grais (“Poltergeist II”) will produce.

“Watchmen"--Joel Silver will produce for 20th Century Fox; Sam Hamm (“Batman”) scripted. A complex tale of super-heroes who’ve been sent to earth to more or less save the world from itself.

“Whisper"--The lady ninja (“Whisper . . . the deadliest sound you’ll ever hear”) is at Atlantic Releasing; Vanity’s attached.

“Wolverine"--The plan is to star the most popular member of the X-Men in his own movie--which will climax with him joining the rest of the gang. (Sequels, anyone?) At New World.