Old-Fashioned Styling Goes High-Tech

Times Staff Writer

In this computer age, even old-fashioned kitchen appliances are being given a high-tech design. The Black & Decker Automatic Shut-Off Stand Mixer ($119.98) maintains traditional styling in its glass bowls and beater but has a sleek, streamlined look in its white, low-profile housing. The machine’s most exciting features are computerized operation and its digital display.

Simply touch the electronic control pads and you’ll get the speed you want for how long you want it. Press the pause button and the beaters stop beating instantly. The electric mixer even has an overload indicator that lights up and beeps for 15 seconds to alert you that the batter is too thick for the beaters to operate properly at the speed setting selected. Furthermore, the overload indicator is activated when the beaters encounter an obstruction that needs to be removed from the mixing bowl.

Has 12 Settings

The mixer has 12 speed settings, ranging from a very slow “folding” mode to high speed for beating egg whites. A mixing guide is printed on the machine for convenient selection of the correct speed needed. The guide lists tasks such as folding, stirring, combining, creaming, mixing, beating cake mixes, blending, whipping potatoes, whipping cream, whipping dessert toppings and frosting and, finally, beating egg whites.


The digital timer can be set from 1 to 19 minutes; when it reaches zero, the mixer automatically stops and emits a beeping sound.

Lightweight and low-profile, the white Black & Decker electric mixer occupies little counter space. It is equipped with two dishwasher-safe glass bowls that come in 1 1/2- and 4-quart sizes. The bowls fit in a dual-position turntable that can be adjusted for either bowl. In addition to the standard beaters, the unit also comes with a pair of dough hooks for kneading bread dough and two wire whisks for high-volume whipping.

Great for Daily Tasks

The machine has a 200-watt motor that may not compare with other higher-wattage machines in heavy-duty beating performances but is excellent for everyday mixing tasks. It’ll beat meringue and cream to desired consistency in about the same time as other, more expensive, models. The machine has a full two-year warranty.


There’s nothing like good, efficient lighting in the kitchen when you’re preparing food. Another innovation from Black & Decker is its Spacemaker Plus Kitchen Accessory Light ($23.98), which focuses light where it’s needed. Styled in contemporary gray with black striping, the ultra-slim light bar can easily be mounted under the cabinet.

It uses standard 18-inch fluorescent bulbs and has a sturdy plastic lens that can be removed for cleaning and bulb changing. An extra electrical outlet is also provided in the unit.