IN BRIEF : Jazz Fires Guard After Party Fracas

<i> From Times staff and wire service reports </i>

The Utah Jazz today waived second-year guard Bart Kofoed because of an incident in which teammate Bobby Hansen sustained a broken cheekbone during a scuffle at a New Year’s Eve party, team officials said.

“There are many versions of the story,” said Dave Checketts, Jazz general manager. “There are as many versions as eyewitnesses. The fact is, a punch was thrown, and I don’t see that the situation could ever be patched up again.”

Kofoed was sent to Salt Lake City from Houston this morning, and Checketts said the team is terminating his contract. Utah played the Rockets in Houston Tuesday night.


“There is a clause in his contract that requires him to act in good citizenship and good sportsmanship,” Checketts said. “For violation of that clause, we’re going to terminate his contract because he struck one of his teammates and caused significant damage and damaged the team.”

The punch occurred after Kofoed and Hansen were engaged in horseplay that became heated at Hansen’s New Year’s Eve party. Checketts said he made the decision after interviewing several witnesses.