Ruling on Fired Workers’ Suits

I’ve said all along that Gov. George Deukmejian used the death penalty issue as a smoke screen to get rid of the (former California Chief Justice) Rose Bird court. The proof was on the front page Dec. 30.

The insurance industry wanted the Rose Bird court out, because the justices were upholding the awards by juries to citizens who were injured on the job, etc., or who were fired unlawfully, etc. By eliminating the punitive awards for their injuries, it makes it almost impossible for an attorney to take such cases, as his fee has always been a percentage of that award.

I hope the voters will wise up and realize that Deukmejian is no friend. They voted out of office probably the best friends they ever had in the Bird court.


Remember these names. Chief Justice Malcolm Lucas; Justices Edward Panelli, John Arguelles and David Eagleson.

They are Deukmejian’s appointees, and when they come up on the ballot for confirmation vote them out of office.


Santa Monica