The Color of Bunny

OK, we know that Touchstone’s “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” was the year’s box-office champ, having topped $150 million in gross revenues at latest report. A lotta lettuce.

But it’s still a mighty big hop to the profit line. Outtakes peeked at the first statement to profit participants, for the period ending Sept. 30.

Despite company execs’ insistence to the press that the film cost “under $40 million,” the report lists “Roger’s” cost of production at $50,587,288. Budget overruns were $19,150,047. Then there’s advertising ($30,187,684) and the cost of prints ($2,448,166).

So, even before interest and overhead charges are figured in, the picture’s cost bounds past $102 million.


Now, the good news is that the studio had seen $51,445,119 in revenue (on $138,197,918 of reported box office for the statement period).

Those folks with a cut of the “gross” income--including exec producer Steven Spielberg--will divvy up $4,251,223, says the statement.

Touchstone reps wouldn’t comment on the report.