Carter-Johnson Phone Conversation

In April, 1984, Della Christine Johnson was arrested by Fullerton police on suspicion of prostitution. Under questioning, she told officers how a friend of Harbor Municipal Judge Calvin P. Schmidt had helped her take care of a traffic ticket and explained how she had performed acts of prostitution with Harbor Municipal Judge Brian R. Carter. At the officers’ request, she called Carter and had a conversation with him, according to court records. The conversation was taped by police. Here is a partial transcript, taken from documents on file in Orange County Superior Court: Carter: All right, what time are you going to be there tomorrow?

Johnson: Uh, well, I was thinking, you know, around 11 or 12 or something; it depends on you.

Carter: Yeah, all right, I’m probably going to play a little racquetball and take a steam, steam shot and . . .

Johnson: OK.


Carter: After that, I’ll be over.

Johnson: You’ll be all relaxed (laugh).

Carter: You got some, you got some time to spend with me?

Johnson: Oh, sure.

Carter: Will you be there alone?

Johnson: Uh-huh. Um . . . what about the trip . . . boat trip . . . have you talked to what’s his name about it?

Carter: Yeah, he’s, he’s uh, still planning on taking it. I asked him if he’s been over to see you, and he said no.

Johnson: Oh, yeah, I know he hasn’t even called me. I’ve been really disappointed that he hasn’t called.

Carter: Well, he’s, he’s kind of . . .

Johnson: Skittish.

Carter: Yeah.

Johnson: He’s a cute little guy though.

Carter: Yeah, well, you’ll be making that trip. I wouldn’t worry about it, that’s going to happen, but, uh, I’m disappointed, too, that he hasn’t been over to see you ‘cause I know he’d enjoy, uh, a visit with you.

Johnson: Well, I appreciate you at least giving me the referral.

Carter: OK. Well, tomorrow is what? Tomorrow is love and friendship. Uh?

Johnson: Yeah.

Carter: Is that right?

Johnson: Yeah.

Carter: This is the one you owe me.

Johnson: Yeah.

Carter: OK.

Johnson: OK.

Carter: And then we’ll see . . . see what we can do on that other thing for you.

Johnson: OK. Thank you, Brian . . . I really appreciate your help.