Local News in Brief : Huntington Beach : Clearing of Old Trees Surprises Neighbors

Behind City Hall on Monday, developers toppled about 25 eucalyptus trees, some 75 feet tall and 7 decades old, surprising residents and city officials. But the mayor said Tuesday that replacements will be planted.

Mayor Wes Bannister said he and other city officials were surprised to hear that the trees had been uprooted Monday to make way for a development of about 100 homes on lots bordered by 17th and Lake streets and Utica and Yorktown avenues. The lots are owned by Huntington Beach Co.

Some residents called city officials Tuesday to complain. But Bannister said a review of the plans of Pacific Coast Homes showed that “the developer is to replace every tree taken down with two trees. Every tree that was knocked down was right in the middle of where a house or street right of way” is planned.

The trees had surrounded 50-year-old oil wells, which are also being taken out, city landscape superintendent Daryl Smith said.


The developer will be planting 125 trees ranging from 6 to 10 feet tall, he said.