Weekend Clouds Likely but Rain Is Doubtful

Times Staff Writer

Southern California’s taste of summerlike weather should last through today, the forecasters said Thursday, but temperatures probably will drop a bit when clouds move in on the weekend.

Predictions of possible rain on Sunday, however, were growing more faint.

“It looks like only a slight chance of precipitation,” said meteorologist Dave Beusterien of WeatherData Inc., which provides forecasts to The Times.


With a high-pressure area over Utah pushing inland winds down the hillsides, Santa Ana temperature readings again resembled those of early July. Thursday’s high was 79 degrees after an overnight low of 47.

Relative humidity ranged from 45% to 13%.

Beusterien said the temperature should be in the upper 70s today and possibly as high as 80, dropping to the mid-70s Saturday and the mid-60s Sunday, when light winds off the ocean should bring cloudiness.

The National Weather Service said there might be some variable high cloudiness today and Saturday with fog along the coast by Saturday morning.

Gusty north-to-northwest, 15-to-20-m.p.h. winds below the canyons should begin decreasing tonight.

The beaches, which have attracted plenty of swimmers, sunbathers and surfers during the pleasant weather of the past couple of days, are expected to have 3-foot surf today and Saturday from Santa Barbara to San Diego.