‘Gaby,’ ‘Wiseguy’ Honored With Media Access Awards

The film “Gaby,” which tells of a woman’s triumphs over severe cerebral palsy, has won the Media Access Award as best feature film.

The awards were presented Sunday night at the Beverly Hilton to recognize the accurate portrayal of the disabled in film, television, radio and commercials. The awards are sponsored by the California Governor’s Committee for the Employment of Disabled Persons.

“Gaby,” starring Liv Ullman and Norma Aleandro, is the true story of Gaby Brimmer, a Mexican woman who wrote her autobiography despite paralysis due to cerebral palsy.

The CBS television series “Wiseguy” was named best series as a whole, noting the performance of Jim Byrnes as Lifeguard, a legless man who operates the communications center for a government task force on organized crime.


“Kids Like These,” about children with Down’s syndrome, won for television movie of the week/miniseries. Other winners:

“Throb,” in the comedy series-episodic category; “Hunter,” for dramatic series-episodic; “General Hospital,” best daytime drama; “Mainstreet,” best children’s program; “Suzie’s Story,” best educational-documentary; a “20/20" segment on “Fighting to Be Heard,” best news-magazine; “Products for the Disabled,” best commercial; and the KCET and PBS special “Superfast: A Celebration of Ability,” best special.

Stephen J. Cannell Productions was named outstanding media employer, and the special merit award went to “L.A. Law” for the character of the mentally retarded man, Benny.