Local News in Brief : Theme Picked for 1990 Rose Parade

They have barely finished sweeping up the dead flowers after the Tournament of Roses parade, but they already have a theme for next year’s procession: “A World of Harmony.”

Picking the theme was the first official chore of Don W. Fedde, a furniture company head who was formally named the new president of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Assn.

Fedde noted that the parade is entering its second century and said he wants “to send a message of good will, peace and harmony to people around the world and to emphasize the parade’s musical tradition.”

He said he will encourage bands from other countries to march in the 1990 parade, thereby “celebrating world peace and harmony through their love of music. . . . “


In addition to Fedde, the tournament executive committee officers include Roy L. Coats, vice president; Robert L. Cheney, treasurer, and Gary K. Hayward, secretary.