15 Residents to be Cited for Contributions to Pomona

The Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center will honor 15 residents who have made special contributions to the Pomona Valley at a reception today at the center.

The residents are James Bell of Upland, who began a summer athletic program for underprivileged youth in Pomona; Yvonne and Raymond Coakley of Diamond Bar, for service to the Pomona Valley chapter of the American Red Cross; Albert Davila of Pomona, a former world-class boxer who visits elementary schools to promote the importance of education, and Jerry Deas of Pomona, who founded the Foothill AIDS Project.

Others are Virginia Delman of Claremont, who established the medical center’s Infant Car Seat Loan Program; Donna Dolgovin of Pomona, a nurse who presents poison-prevention programs at elementary schools; Jerome Duffy of Pomona, who works with veterans and their families on behalf of the Pomona Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross; Bill Ewing of Upland, founder of the child development program in the Pomona Unified School District, and Georgia Grove of Pomona, for service to civic and community causes throughout the Pomona Valley.

Also, Alan Haskvitz of Rancho Cucamonga, for work with students in the social studies program at Walnut’s Suzanne Middle School; Molly Johnson of Claremont, who has spent 30 years as a volunteer with numerous community organizations; Vonne Robertson of Pomona, a 30-year newspaper veteran in Pomona; Joe Romero of Pomona, for his work with Law Enforcement Explorer Post No. 160, and Bob Walker of Claremont, for his use of innovative methods in teaching high school biology students.


The Volunteer Center of the Greater Pomona Valley will also be honored for its work.