Always a Campaigner

<i> Compiled by the Fashion 89 staff </i>

OK, so she isn’t the First Lady, but it was still exciting to see Kitty Dukakis having her hair done by Martin Fassnidge, co-owner of the Josephmartin salon in Beverly Hills, just like in her campaigning days. Actually, she was getting the royal treatment: Andrea did her makeup, Coco her nails. The wife of the former presidential candidate was in the shop last week and the week before, prior to speaking engagements for the United Jewish Federation. These days, Dukakis, who just began a yearlong speaking tour, is wearing her hair “a little longer and a little simpler,” Fassnidge reports.

The Latest in Late Night

What’s the word for Pat Sajak’s manner of dress? “Conservative,” says Sherman Oaks retailer Rick Pallack, who should know. He’s doing the wardrobe for “The Pat Sajak Show,” which isn’t all that easy. Among the items the smiling host won’t wear: pocket squares, sweaters, jackets with very broad shoulders or full, baggy trousers. But all is not lost. “He’s letting me update him,” Pallack says, listing double-breasted jackets, pleated trousers and “wilder neckwear” as part of the new image. So far, Sajak has 20 sport coats, five suits and various accessories in his show wardrobe. They can be made into 60 outfits, according to Pallack’s conservative estimate.

Little Cut Goes a Long Way


After Vidal Sassoon had his hair trimmed at the Beverly Hills salon that bears his name, “he got really enthusiastic about cutting hair,” we hear from creative director Janis Buller. How enthusiastic? Enough to make him give wife Jeanette an unexpected, trademark Sassoon bob. Buller says everyone in the salon was in awe because the last time Sassoon cut hair in public was 12 years ago--for the opening of the salon.

An Eye for Looking Good

Eye-wear specialist Cheryl Shuman, who makes house calls to the rich and famous, tells us (via her car phone) that Candice Bergen has some new specs. Along with mock tortoise-shell sunglasses, Bergen chose something new to wear on the CBS show “Murphy Brown.” Shuman, owner of Starry Eyes in Studio City, says the “basic preppy shape” frames have anti-reflective lenses with a brownish tint at the top to match Bergen’s eye makeup and a blush-pink hue at the bottom to flatter her cheekbones. That all seems pretty mild compared with the sunglasses. When the actress tires of the classic green lenses, she can pop them out and put in either a purple set or a pair treated with a gold-like mirror finish.

It’s a Cinch

Actress Kelly LeBrock did some colorful shopping at Laise Adzer in the Beverly Center recently. She bought long, layered skirts with ruffled hemlines in bright red, blue and green. To go with them, she added cropped tops that have a bit of ruffle across the bust line and down the sleeves, we hear from Michelle Lund, the store’s assistant manager. But the piece de resistance was an extremely wide, black leather hip wrap that goes from waist to about 5 inches above the knee. “It snaps in front and acts like a cinch. It’s very sexy,” Lund says.