Fashion 89 : Some Ins Are Far Out This Spring

Here are some new trends that surfaced at the Men’s Fashion Assn. spring show at the Biltmore Hotel.

Vests: The more unusual the better, like brocades for a Mississippi gambler’s look and cropped-back styles. Surprise ways to wear: Over tuxedo shirt with tux pants and no jacket. Tucked into trousers.

Rare Colors: Purple, celery, rose-pink in everything from shorts to blazers.

Checkerboard: Called “the pattern of the season,” seen in sweaters, socks, shorts, ties.


The Shorts Suit Remains: Jackets with walking shorts that match or coordinate.

Beach Pants: Loose, casual trousers cropped a few inches above the ankle.

Other Popular Pants Shapes: The reverse silhouette has fullness at the waist and hips, tapers to the bottom of the leg. Also, uncreased pants gaining popularity.

Washable Silk: For shirts, pants, jackets. Very smart and part of the look the world knows as “California casual.”

Expressive Dressing: Try pairing a fitted red-linen blazer with a pair of black-linen palazzo pants. We’re talking expressive.

Expressive Details: Silver-trimmed belts, briefcases in new color combinations, a watch for every wardrobe, outstanding socks.

New Shirt Shapes and Patterns: Flowers on dress shirts. Batiks, abstract prints, florals on big, pajama-style shirts.

‘60s Influence: Psychedelic colors, “smiley faces,” peace symbols showing up on the street and on TV shows.

Nautical Influence: Flag-decorated sweaters, white buck shoes, red blazers.

Simplified Sizing: Everything from activewear to tailored clothing is being made in small, medium and large. Goodby alterations.

Season’s Musts: Cotton knit mock-turtleneck sweaters with suits or under sport coats with jeans or casual trousers. New-look cardigan sweaters with deep V-necklines.

Crests: On cardigans or blazers. The more authentic, the better.