Bill Hatcher, Juan Agosto and Jim Deshaies...

Bill Hatcher, Juan Agosto and Jim Deshaies of the Houston Astros were among seven players agreeing to 1-year contracts, reducing the players in salary arbitration to 69.

Two Seattle Mariners also settled--third baseman Jim Presley agreed to $595,000, a $12,500 raise and catcher Dave Valle settled for $290,000, a $125,000 raise.

Joel Skinner, a catcher for the New York Yankees, settled for $200,000, a $90,000 raise.

Left-hander Juan Nieves of the Milwaukee Brewers agreed to $370,000, a $175,000 raise.


Also, the Philadelphia Phillies signed free-agent left-hander Larry McWilliams to a 1-year contract plus an option for 1990.