Army Helicopters to Continue Assault--on Ears--for 3 Nights

Times Staff Writer

Downtown high-rise residents appear to be in for three more noisy nights as Army helicopter crews are scheduled to continue practicing their “urban environment” techniques over the Bunker Hill area of Los Angeles.

The Army was being closed-mouthed about the whole thing, but police sources said the operation involves elite special operations teams apparently receiving urban combat and anti-terrorism training.

Scores of residents in the Bunker Hill and Civic Center areas complained of the racket Thursday night after several of the Army helicopters began maneuvering close to high-rise apartments and condominiums at about 10 p.m. Police said the training, which was repeated Friday night, will continue Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.


“They are training in such things as urban approach and departure techniques,” said Maj. Rick Adams, a spokesman at Ft. Bragg., N.C., where the Army’s First Special Operations Command is headquartered. “We’re doing it over the high-rise buildings there because L.A. offers those and we don’t have any buildings like that around here.”

The Army declined to give any further details about the troops and equipment involved or the nature and purpose of the training.