Violence and Pornography

You ran Kirk's and Goldstein's columns side by side, and I commend the balance .

As a conservative, I have to side with Goldstein. As a free society, we have chosen not to censor free expression, even if we find it offensive. As 100 guilty men must go free to preserve the freedom of one innocent man, 100 offendable Christians must tolerate one publisher's activities.

Furthermore, I don't believe that anyone with self-esteem and love of life can be swayed by violent porn into a life of violence. People who have problems exacerbated by violent porn have problems to begin with. Those who can responsibly consume violent porn should not suffer because of the crimes of those who cannot. Because people get drunk and kill on the highways is no reason to ban alcohol.

Eternal vigilance is the pride of freedom. Before anyone casts a vote for censorship of any kind, may he think of the consequences in light of constitutionality and liberty.


Costa Mesa

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