Should Be Easy to Pick Police Chief

When the Monterey Park City Council gave approval to the city manager to spend $15,500 to hire a consultant to find the best man to serve as our police chief, I thought: "They must be blind. They have the best man and can't see it."

Now the residents are speaking up on behalf of Capt. Joseph Santoro against his wishes. I must conclude (that) the council must also be deaf.

I hope the council is not also dumb. The citizens are not buying the story that the council has no say as to who becomes our next police chief.

The council selected and hired the city manager. The people of Monterey Park elected the council to serve them. Santoro is qualified, dedicated, knowledgeable, dependable and respected. Most important, he has earned this position. The strange thing is, the council is not denying these facts. So, who or what is the real problem?


Monterey Park

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