San Diego

An unidentified woman was hit by a car and killed Wednesday night while running across Interstate 5 near the Commercial Street underpass, the San Diego County coroner's office said.

The pedestrian was identified as Latina and in her 30s. Deputy Coroner Dan Matticks said she was running west on northbound I-5 about 7:05 p.m. She was hit by a car driven by Curtis Zimmerman of San Diego, who "immediately pulled over to the center divide," Matticks said.

"The victim was then hit and run over by numerous automobiles," Matticks said. "She was dead on the scene from massive body trauma."

Matticks said the woman had two tattoos. "Barrena" was tattooed on her left forearm, "Bird" on her right forearm. He said she wore a blue T-shirt with an image of Garfield the cat on the front, underlined by the caption "Genuine Bad Cat." He said she wore black jeans and weighed about 115 pounds.

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