Mrs. Bush: Forget Japan's War Past

From Reuters

First Lady Barbara Bush, whose husband's plane was downed by the Japanese during World War II, said in an interview broadcast Wednesday that it is time to drop any lingering grudges with Japan.

President Bush and his wife departed for Tokyo to attend Friday's funeral of Emperor Hirohito, who led Japan during World War II. Bush was a Navy fighter pilot during the war.

"George was shot down by the Japanese, and if he doesn't feel embittered, I can't imagine why anybody else would," the First Lady said in response to a question on the NBC "Today" program about the negative reaction that has arisen in some countries to honoring Hirohito.

"Well, I can, of course, but this is the time to move on," she added. "These are allies of ours and business partners of ours and this is the time when you put aside old grudges and you move on."

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