Bush to Meet Sihanouk, Sources Say

From United Press International

President Bush, on his visit to Beijing this weekend, will meet with Cambodian resistance leader Prince Norodom Sihanouk on efforts to end the country's decade-old guerrilla war, diplomatic sources said Wednesday.

Bush, after attending the funeral of Emperor Hirohito in Japan, plans to make a 40-hour visit to China, and then stop for several hours in South Korea on Monday.

Bush, who arrives Saturday afternoon in Beijing for a hectic series of meetings with Chinese leaders, will stay in a villa at the Diaoyutai state guest house on Beijing's west side. Sihanouk is currently staying at the same guest house in a villa nearby.

Sihanouk, the former Cambodian leader, heads the three-faction resistance coalition that has fought a guerrilla war against Vietnam since the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia in December, 1978, and installed a puppet government in Phnom Penh.

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