Local News in Brief : Gershman Tells Plan to Cut School Staff

Los Angeles school board member Alan Gershman, who is in the middle of a tough reelection campaign, has introduced a plan to cut the district's central management staff by 10%, drop Supt. Leonard Britton's controversial driver and bodyguard, and trim the personal staffs of board members.

Gershman said the cuts are symbolically important and help "clear the decks" as the board deliberates on budget cuts for the coming school year that he said could total $100 million.

The board says cuts in everything from school library aides to computer equipment will be needed to pay for a three-year 20% salary offer made to district teachers. The teachers' union disputes this, saying plenty of funds are available and citing allegedly wasteful spending on unnecessary administration and on Britton's driver.

Gershman, who is facing a teachers' union-supported challenger in the April 11 election, will present his proposal to the full board for a vote next week.

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