STATE : Judge Blocks ‘Aryan Woodstock’

<i> From Times wire service</i> s

A judge today blocked Saturday’s white supremacist “Aryan Woodstock” rock concert, but refused to deny the skinheads the right to gather as planned on private land in the lush wine country of Napa County.

Superior Court Judge W. Scott Snowden said the gathering, which organizers said could draw as many as 2,000 skinheads and racists, “demonstrated no clear and present danger to the public.”

County attorneys, in asking for a restraining order blocking the concert, had argued that the organizers failed to obtain the proper permit and would be a public nuisance. Organizer Tom Metzger, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, had argued that since the concert is on private property and by invitation only, no permit was needed.