Films now going into production: ...

<i> Compiled by David Pecchia</i>

Films now going into production: Ashes to Ashes (Horror). Shooting in Vancouver. Horror/suspense fare about a high school graduation that becomes engulfed in terror and mayhem. Producer Randolph Cheveldave. Director-screenwriter Robert Hedden. Cast credits undetermined.

Fear (Vestron). Shooting in L.A. Ally Sheedy plays a psychic who assists the police in solving a peculiar crime in this thriller. Producer Richard Kobritz. Director-screenwriter Rockne O’Bannon. Also stars Lauren Hutton and Dina Merrill.

Hard Rock Nightmare (Back Street). Shooting in L.A. Touted as Troy Donahue’s comeback film, this horror yarn details a rock band’s weekend of terror. Producers Steven Baio and Johnny Venokur. Director-screenwriter Dominick Brascia. Also stars Martin Hansen, Annie Mikan and Gregory Joujon-Roche.

Hollywood Boulevard II (New Horizons). Shooting in L.A. Comedic look at a young, small-town-bred woman who goes to Hollywood and gets plagued by sleazy hassles. Producers Tom Merchant, Chris Beckman and Rodman Flender. Director Steve Barnett. Screenwriter Michael Sloane, Scott Narie and Don Pugsley. Stars Ginger Lynn Allen, Kelly Monteith and Eddie Deezen. Distributor Concorde.


Silk 2 (New Horizons). Shooting in L.A. and the Philippines. Monique Gabrielle, ex-Playmate turned actress, tackles a Mafia gang when she’s the only police-person in Honolulu able to do so. Producer Roger Corman. Director Cirio H. Santiago. Screenwriter Robert King. Distributor Concorde.

Stranglehold: Delta Force II (Cannon). Shooting in the Philippines. Chuck Norris reprises his tough “Delta Force” character as his brother, Aaron, directs him in this action thriller. Norris leads a rescue mission in which he and his fearless followers try to extricate a U.S. drug agent from the fortress of a vicious drug lord. Producers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus. Screenwriter Lee Reynolds.