‘Pro-Family’ Lobby

We have two sons who have graduated from Corona del Mar High School. Last June, our eldest son graduated from Harvard as a magna cum laude and a Phi Beta Kappa. Our second is fulfilling a dream he has had since the age of 9 to attend Stanford University--he is currently in his sophomore year. Our youngest son will be graduating with honors from Corona del Mar this June. He will probably attend UCLA or Darmouth College. We are very proud parents, proud of our three boys’ achievements and very appreciative of the exemplary education our boys received at Corona del Mar High School.

It is obvious in your article, “Evangelical Broadcaster Seeks ‘Pro-Family’ Lobby (March 4),” that James Dobson is using the psychology class at our school as a tool to further his own political agenda. Through the use of a small, organized parent committee, he is trying to effect changes in local school policy and curriculum. Corona del Mar High School is nationally recognized for the breadth of its curriculum and for the outstanding achievements of its students and faculty. We think it should stay this way!




Newport Beach