Pay Raises for County Execs

Recently, The Times disclosed that the contract let to private industry for maintaining county vehicles neglected the inclusion of very important items. Because of this “oversight” the cost of vehicular maintenance is astronomical.

On March 1, The Times details the board’s approval of 3% to 12.9% increases in salary to various county managers for superior performance.

Included among these executives is the chief administrative officer, Richard Dixon, getting a raise of $11,595.

I find it hard to believe that the chief county officer would not share in the blame for such a blatant oversight.


Privatizing county work was supposed to reduce county costs and be more productive.

County executives were removed from civil service and incentive pay was introduced to inculcate leaner, more efficient government.

This sort of action is plain boondoggling.

Shades of Tammany Hall!


Shame on you all.