Sen. Roberti’s Bill to Ban Assault Rifle

AK-47s and other assault rifles ought to be banned whether automatic or semi-automatic. What possible justification is there for a person to possess this kind of firepower?

Our country is an embarrassment to the world in one regard. We are a much too violent country and have an incredible murder rate.

Let’s support gun control locally, statewide and, most importantly if we want to be effective, federally. We need to support our police, who are presently outgunned by the criminals.

State Sen. David A. Roberti’s bill is a start. It has passed the Senate, and now a weaker version of the Los Angeles Democrat’s bill is making its way through the Assembly. Assemblyman Gil Ferguson (R-Newport Beach) has been identified as a possible swing vote.


I call on all in the 70th Assembly District to let Assemblyman Ferguson know that we want the stricter Roberti bill. Gov. George Deukmejian has indicated, in a qualified way, that he would sign the anti-assault rifle bill. We should all encourage him to do so.


Laguna Beach