Neutering Pets

Like death and taxes, it’s a certainty! Only a few more months and our Orange County Animal Shelter will be inundated with unwanted puppies and kittens--sweet, tiny furry creatures whose only crime was being born.

As one who used to work at the shelter, I still carry the sorrowful memory of looking out the upstairs windows to see the throngs of pet owners waiting in line for the gates to open--waiting for the county to take on the responsibility of their “throwaways.”

The purpose of this letter is to remind citizens that now is the time to have their pets spayed and neutered. Most folks aren’t intentionally cruel or thoughtless--they just never “get around to it.” The “it” in this instance is such a simple solution: no food or water for the pet after midnight; a morning drop-off at the vet; an evening pickup; a quiet night at home and voila!, a happy, healthy pet and the knowledge that you have been a responsible pet owner who will never, never have to think about all the little babies who would otherwise have to be put to sleep. . . . No! Let’s use the correct terminology--murdered.

Cost can no longer be an excuse when many animal organizations are there to help, financially and otherwise, the Animal Assistance League for one. Referrals to low-cost vets, and even half-price certificates, are available. No transportation? There are volunteers in this county who will work with you on this.


No, good people, there are no acceptable “excuses.” The time is now! Please make your phone calls. Volunteers are waiting to help.


Huntington Beach