Eastern Airlines

As a baggage handler making $6.50 an hour for a non-union carrier, I find it abhorrent that Eastern’s bag handlers are screaming the blues about having to take a pay cut from $15.60 to $11.54 per hour.

Considering the benefits that come with my airline--including free or reduced-fare travel passes--many workers such as myself are satisfied with what we earn.

The only mistake Eastern made was letting these workers get so comfortable with their overpaid wages. Although airline mechanics are considered skilled, one has to question whether scheduled minor airline maintenance is worth close to $20 an hour, especially when most of the time is spent sitting around waiting for the planes.

The $14 or $16 for the mechanics and $11.54 for the bag handlers is going to look mighty fine once they find themselves out of work.


I’ve seen it all too many times before: They have only themselves to blame.


Los Angeles