San Diego

A Paradise Hills man who pleaded guilty to the “bolder than most” series of rapes was sentenced Monday to 50 years in state prison.

Alvin Quarles, 28, also was fined $10,000 by San Diego County Superior Court Judge Jesus Rodriguez.

Quarles was unsuccessful in seeking to have his guilty plea withdrawn. He pleaded guilty Feb. 6 to four counts of rape, six burglaries, and two robberies stemming from 12 incidents.

The rapist received the “bolder than most” nickname because of his habit of breaking into motel rooms or apartments and raping the woman in the presence of her male companion or husband.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Richard Lewis said Quarles sometimes forced couples to have sex with each other while Quarles watched at knifepoint. He said he is certain there were other victims in San Diego who were too embarrassed to report the crimes.


Rodriguez sentenced Quarles to 40 years for the rapes and 10 years for the burglaries and robberies.

Quarles had been charged with 62 similar counts and could have faced 200 years in prison had he gone to trial and been sentenced consecutively on each count.

Under the plea agreement, Quarles is to have his sentence reviewed after he has served 20 years.

Quarles’ attorney, Charles Adair, said that in 20 years a Superior Court judge will request a report from the Department of Corrections for a possible reduction in the sentence.

But Lewis said in court that his office will “vigorously” oppose Quarles’ release even then.

Several weeks ago, Quarles expressed some doubts about his plea and his exposure to a 50-year term, so another attorney, Richard Siref, was appointed to review his plea.

Siref asked for a continuance Monday, saying he needed to review the preliminary hearing transcript to see if the plea was advantageous to his client.

But Lewis opposed the request, saying that Siref had showed no grounds that the plea should be withdrawn.

Defendants may withdraw their guilty pleas only if a judge has determined they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the plea, if they received erroneous advice from their attorney, or if there was misconduct by the district attorney’s office.

Rodriguez denied the motion to delay the proceedings and ordered that Quarles be sentenced later Monday afternoon.

Quarles was arrested in February, 1988, at a National City motel in the early morning. He was carrying a knife. Victims later identified him as their attacker.

The year he has spent in jail will be credited toward his 50-year sentence.