Man Claims He Had Sex With Hudson’s Ex-Lover

Times Staff Writer

Attorneys for Rock Hudson’s estate, seeking to overturn the recent $21.75-million jury award to the actor’s ex-lover Marc Christian, have made public a sworn statement from a man who claims that Christian had sex with him six weeks after Hudson’s death in 1985.

The allegation by the Orange County resident, estate attorneys contend, calls into question Christian’s credibility.

In the court document filed Monday, Gunther Albert Fraulob, a personal physical trainer from Laguna Niguel, states that he first met Christian at a memorial service for Hudson, who died Oct. 2, 1985, of acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Before the two had sex, he said, Christian assured him that “he was safe, he was fine and he was healthy.”

Christian, who has shown no medical signs of AIDS, won the massive award for allegedly having suffered emotional trauma because Hudson and his private secretary concealed the fact that the popular actor had the fatal disease.

During the novel trial that concluded in mid-February, Christian testified that he has remained celibate since Hudson’s death because of his continuing fear that he may have contracted the AIDS-related virus from Hudson.


Fraulob’s statement, which was labeled as false by Christian’s attorney, was filed as part of a lengthy motion for a new trial by the estate’s lawyers, who argue that Fraulob’s newly discovered allegations are highly material, being the first evidence “directly contradicting (Christian’s) testimony on the critical issue of fear.”

A hearing is set for April 7.

In a telephone interview Monday afternoon, Fraulob said he came forward because “Marc Christian is lying, and he’s doing it for one obvious reason--to make money.”

Fraulob, 32, said he did not disclose his alleged relationship with Christian during the trial because “I didn’t want to drag my name through the mud . . . (and) I didn’t think my involvement would help the case in any way.”

Fraulob described himself as a platonic friend of Hudson.

“I don’t believe (Christian) has AIDS, because he told me that,” Fraulob said. “But I’m sure that if everything was proven different, then I was exposed to it . . ..” In that case, Fraulob said, “I’m sure I’d take him to court to sue him for exposing me to the virus.”

Christian’s attorney, Harold Rhoden, said his client “categorically denies that there is any truth in this, other than the fact that Fraulob did talk to Marc Christian at the time of the wake . . . .”

Estate attorney Robert Parker Mills said he was “satisfied with the truthfulness” of Fraulob’s allegations and challenged Christian “to take a lie detector test. . . .”