Marine Corps Names 18 Killed in Copter Crash

From Associated Press

The Marine Corps on Tuesday released a list of 18 of the 19 Marines killed Monday in the crash of a CH-53D Sea Stallion helicopter near P’ohang, South Korea.

It identified the victims as:

Cpl. John A. Alafonso, 24, of Aztec, N.M., a rifleman.

Lance Cpl. Richard R. Anglin, 22, of Redlands, Calif., a rifleman.


2nd Lt. Darren M. Bell, 23, of Tampa, Fla., an infantry officer.

Pfc. Saul D. Castro Jr., 18, of Lamont, Calif., a rifleman.

Lance Cpl. Kurt R. Decker, 21, of Toledo, Ohio, a rifleman.

Lance Cpl. Michael A. Depew, 20, of Red Lion, Pa., a rifleman.


Lance Cpl. Andrew A. Hernandez, 19, of Arnold, Md., a machine gunner.

Lance Cpl. Ronald A. Johnson, 21, of Simi Valley, Calif., a machine gunner.

Lance Cpl. Anthony P. Longstaff, 25, of Waldo, Wis., a machine gunner.

Cpl. Brian K. McClusky, 22, of Brazil, Ind., a rifleman.


Lance Cpl. Wilbur S. McDaniel, 19, of Carthage, Tex., a rifleman.

Capt. Michael McGreevy, 27, of Hazlet, N.J., a pilot.

1st Lt. David M. Pimple, 25, of Cochise, Ariz., a pilot.

Lance Cpl. Carl B. Ratcliff, 21, of Bluefield, W. Va., a machine gunner.


Lance Cpl. Keith N. Silha, 22, of Onalaska, Wis., a machine gunner.

Staff Sgt. Jorge Verdugo, 27, of Nogales, Ariz., a platoon sergeant.

1st Lt. Kevin M. Wooten, 27, of Bowie, Md., an infantry officer.

Sgt. James D. Zinser, 30, of Portland, Ore., a machine gunner.


The Marine Corps said the name of the 19th victim, a Navy hospital corpsman, was withheld because his relatives had not yet been contacted.

The service also released this list of 15 Marines who were aboard the helicopter and were injured when it crashed:

Lance Cpl. Rand C. Albert, 22, of Munhall, Pa., a rifleman.

Pvt. Todd A. Bernhardt, 18, of Evansville, Ind., a rifleman.


Pfc. Franklin E. Bray Jr., 18, of Lompoc, Calif., a rifleman.

Pfc. Lavinski R. Brown, 19, of Los Angeles, a rifleman.

Cpl. David W. Garlick, 22, of Connellsville, Pa., an air crewman.

Lance Cpl. Ismael S. Gomez, 23, of Santa Ana, Calif., an assaultman.


Lance Cpl. George S. Hagee, 20, of St. Louis, Mo., a rifleman.

Pfc. Thomas T. Hannah, 19, of Knob Noster, Mo., a rifleman.

Lance Cpl. David L. Jenkins, 21, of Vista, Calif., a rifleman.

Lance Cpl. Daniel E. Moody Jr., 21, of Grimesland, N.C., a rifleman.


Lance Cpl. Sam A. Pesuti, 22, of Phoenix, Ariz., a machine gunner.

Sgt. Timothy D. Sabel, 23, of Ripon, Wis., an air crewman.

Cpl. Michael E. Scott, 20, of Garfield, Ark., a rifleman.

Lance Cpl. Arthur J. Stilwell, 22, of Granada Hills, Calif., a rifleman.


Lance Cpl. Thomas W. Woods, 23, of Southboro, Mass., a rifleman.