Encinitas Man on Winning Team in Reno Bridge Meet

Times Bridge Writer

The bridge team of Peter Weichsel of Encinitas, Ron Rubin of New York, Mike Becker of Tenafly, N.J., Lou Bluhm of Atlanta, and Bobby Levin and Bart Bramley, both of Chicago, won the Vanderbilt Cup Monday night, ending the 12-day North American Bridge Championships in Reno.

In the final match of 64 deals, the winners scored 179 international match points to 133 tallied by Edwin Kantar of Venice, Bill Eisenberg of Manhattan Beach, Danny Rotman of West Los Angeles, Larry Cohen of Culver City, Alan Sontag of New York, and Cliff Russell of Miami.

The Weichsel team earned the right to compete in a playoff scheduled for May to pick a team to represent the United States in the 1989 world championships in Perth, Australia.

Earlier in the tournament, Jim Mahaffey of Winter Park, Fla., Paul Soloway of Mill Creek, Wash., Eric Rodwell of W. Lafayette, Ind., Jeff Meckstroth of Dublin, Ohio, Bobby Goldman of Highland Village, Tex., and Ron Andersen of Milwaukee won the Men’s Swiss-style Team Championship.


Kerri Shuman of Los Angeles, with Kittie Bethe, Karen McCallum, and Marge Gwozdzinsky, all of New York, won the Women’s Swiss-style Teams.

Dorothy and Alan Truscott of New York won the Mixed Pair Championship. Truscott has written the New York Times daily bridge column since 1962.

David Caslan of Indianapolis and Dennis Clerkin of Bloomington, Ind., won the North American Open Pairs. Jeff Brown and Warren King, both of Albuquerque, won the North American non-Life-Master Pairs.

Nadine Wood of Silver Spring, Md., and Jeanne Elkner of Clementon, N.J., won the Women’s Pairs. Mike Moss of New York and Charles Coon of Gloucester, Mass., won the Men’s Pairs. Kit Woolsey of Kensington, Calif., and Ed Manfield of Hyattsville, Md., won the Open Pairs.