Films now going into production: ...

<i> Compiled by David Pecchia </i>

Films now going into production: Mortal Passions (GRO). Shooting in L.A. “Gremlins” star Zach Galligan and “Time After Time’s” David Warner star in this contemporary tale fusing murder and sexual intrigue. Executive producer Joel Levine. Producer Gwen Field. Director Andrew Lane. Screenwriter Alan Moskowitz. Also stars Krista Errickson, Sheila Kelley, Michael Bowen and Luca Bercovicci.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (Hughes). Shooting in L.A. Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo and Randy Quaid star in this third installment detailing the wacky goings-on of the Griswolds. This time out Mr. Griswold (Chase) is in search of Christmas the way it used to be, like when he was a kid. Executive producer Matty Simmons. Producers John Hughes and Tom Jacobson. Director Jeremiah Chechik. Screenwriter Hughes. Distributor Warner Bros. Christmas release.

Ski School (Scott/Steindorff). Shooting in Banff, Canada. Romance, comedy and plenty of skiing action are promised in this film set at a resort in beautiful Banff. Executive producer Scott Steindorff. Producers Robert Scott and Gary Wood. Director Claudio Guzman. Screenwriter Wood. Stars Wood and Greta Blackburn. Fall release.


Total Recall (Carolco). Shooting in Mexico City. “RoboCop” helmsman Paul Verhoeven’s long-awaited and megabudget production stars Arnold Schwarzenegger in a thriller set in the near future. Arnie plays a man who travels to Mars by way of memory implants and encounters a shocking revelation during his journey. Executive producers Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna. Producers Buzz Feitshans and Ronald Shusett. Screenwriters Shusett, Dan O’Bannon, Steven Pressfield and Gary Goldman. Also stars Rachel Ticotin, Sharon Stone and Michael Ironside. Distributor Tri-Star. Summer release.