‘Die Hard’ Bows to ‘Wanda’

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In a surprising move, “A Fish Called Wanda” floated past “Die Hard,” which figured to cling to No.1 a few weeks longer, into the top spot of the Billboard magazine rental chart. The somber “Clean and Sober,” featuring Michael Keaton as a drug and alcohol addict, debuted at No. 13. At the box office the film didn’t fare as well as Keaton’s comedies--grossing just $8.5 million--but, after Keaton’s smash rental hit “Beetlejuice,” he’s such a big video star that this one just might wind up in the Top 5. “Punchline,” the comedy-drama about comedians starring Tom Hanks and Sally Field, entered the chart at No. 25. Look for this one to bound into the Top 10 next week.

* One of last year’s biggest hits, grossing more than $109 million, “Crocodile Dundee II” entered the rental chart at No. 9 and could be No. 1 as early as next week. Its strongest competition for the top spot will come from “Big,” the Tom Hanks’ comedy that is expected to enter the chart next week, probably in the Top 5.


Rental Weeks Sales Top Ranking On Rental Chart Rentals Last Week Chart Ranking 1."A Fish Called Wanda” 2 4 ... (CBS-Fox) 2."Die Hard” 1 8 ... (CBS-Fox) 3."Midnight Run” 5 4 ... (MCA) 4."Big Business” 7 4 ... (Touchstone) 5."Bull Durham” 3 8 ... (Orion) *"Crocodile Dundee II” ... 1 ... (Paramount)