IN BRIEF : Steroid Prober Hits Record Erasure

<i> From Times wire services </i>

The head of the Canadian federal inquiry into drug use in amateur sports today criticized the Ontario Track and Field Assn. for its decision to erase from its books records set by athletes who admit to steroid use.

“I’m puzzled that the message is if you come forth and tell the truth you will be penalized,” Charles Dubin said. “The actions of the OTFA can only discourage people from coming forth.”

Dubin said he has asked the association for an explanation of its action. The group decided over the weekend that it will wipe out the Ontario records of any athlete who admits using banned drugs before their record-setting performance.

Association President Rolf Lund said the move was not meant to undermine the commission’s work but to show where the organization stands on the issue. The association has voided provincial records set by Angella Taylor Issajenko, who admitted to the inquiry that she used steroids for almost a decade.