Reelect Rick Tuttle and James K. Hahn

The Times recommends the reelection of Rick Tuttle, who is running for a second term as controller of the City of Los Angeles, and James K. Hahn, who is running for his second term as city attorney.

Hahn has lived up to expectations in his tasks as legal counsel to the city government and prosecutor of lesser crimes. He also has done a good job of chasing down landlords violating housing codes in inner city areas. Hahn has no opposition.

Tuttle seems to us the kind of public servant you would like to see in every government office. He gets his basic work done, checking expense accounts, auditing the city's books and meeting its payroll. Then, in his spare time, he quietly finds other ways to make himself useful.

He has modernized the city's payroll operation. His office will soon be able to do cost-accounting, an efficiency that could save the city millions of dollars in the future. He was out in front in the city's efforts to ban discrimination in private clubs in Los Angeles.

We urge Los Angeles voters to return both Tuttle and Hahn to public office on April 11.

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