Deliveryman Pleads Guilty in Shooting


Apizza deliveryman--who authorities said made a delivery to the wrong address and then fired six shots at two men who ate the pizza but refused to pay for it--pleaded guilty Monday to assault with a deadly weapon.

Salvador Lopez, 18, of Van Nuys originally faced two charges of assault with a deadly weapon in the March 25 incident. In a plea agreement, Van Nuys Municipal Judge Beauford H. Phelps allowed Lopez to plead guilty to one of the charges with the provision that he admit that he used a gun in committing the assault.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Nicholas Falcone said Lopez faces up to six years in prison, a fine of up to $10,000 and possible probation after he is released from jail. Lopez will be sentenced May 1 in Van Nuys Superior Court.


Lopez fired a .357 magnum pistol six times at Michael McClafferty, 19, and David Mariscal, 18, both of Van Nuys, after he delivered a $10 pizza to them at the in the 7700 block of Orion Avenue.

When Lopez delivered the pizza, he was told by the two men that they had already paid for it, authorities said. But after he returned to the pizza store where he worked, Lopez was told he had made the delivery to the wrong apartment.

He returned to the apartment, and the two men said they already had eaten the pizza and refused to pay for it, authorities said. Police said Lopez then went to his car, got the gun and fired six rounds at the two men, grazing both of them.