Times Ballot Recommendations


Primary Nominating Election, April 11, 1989

The Candidates

Mayor of Los Angeles

Tom Bradley

Los Angeles City Attorney

James Kenneth Hahn

Los Angeles City Controller

Rick Tuttle

Los Angeles City Council

1st District--Gloria Molina

3rd District--Joy Picus

5th District--Zev Yaroslavsky

7th District--Ernani Bernardi

9th District--Gilbert W. Lindsay

11th District--Marvin Braude

13th District--Michael Woo

15th District--Joan Milke Flores

Los Angeles Board of Education

2nd District--Alan Gershman

4th District--Julie Korenstein

6th District--Roberta Weintraub

Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees

Office 2--Rose Ochi

Office 4--Lindsay Conner

Office 6--Althea Baker

The Measures

Los Angeles

1. A $53.4-million bond issue to rehabilitate branch libraries--YES

2. A $176-million bond issue to expand and renovate police facilities--YES

3. A $100-million bond issue for loans for seismic-safety rehabilitation on low-rent apartments--YES


4. A $60-million bond issue for sprinkler systems for six city office buildings--YES

5. A charter amendment to change City Council voting majority needed to raise employee salaries--NO

6. A charter amendment to increase to $25,000 the amount that can be transferred within departments without City Council approval--YES