Steaming Over Scotland

I found "Scotland By Train" very interesting. The antique steam engines have been restored to operation by Britain's steam enthusiasts. Their ranks have grown during the last few years as an active hobby and are only outnumbered by gardeners and fishermen. To add to the variety of routes and locations of steam train travel, British Rail just announced that steam will return to the North Wales route for the first time in 20 years, with travel from Crewe, England, to Holyhead, Wales. This exciting development will allow some of the finest preserved engines to flex their power. Every year the opportunity to travel behind steam grows more exciting in Britain. For your readers who would like to see or ride some of these trains, I would be happy to send a free British Coal guide. However, please enclose a stamped 4x9-inch envelope with return address. Write to Barry Wright, 1217 20th St., No. 301, Santa Monica 90404.


Santa Monica

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